The must-see places in Rajasthan, India

The must-see places in Rajasthan, India

The must-see places in Rajasthan, India
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India has animated, with its amazing scenes and its millenary culture, the fantasies of numerous kids who, having become grown-ups, have picked it as one of the unmissable travel goals. Visiting it is said to be an encounter so solid as to change the life of the individuals who make it; and it's presumably valid. Obviously, India is huge and it takes a very long time to become moreacquainted with it truly well, anyway Rajasthan is the district most visited by voyagers. So we should proceed to find the unmissable spots of Rajasthan; remembering that this area is chiefly desert and specked with strongholds, since it was at one time the place that is known for the maharajas.


This city is located only 70 km from the border with Pakistan and has 70,000 inhabitants, 3,000 of whom live and work inside the fort, which dominates the city from the top of a hill.

The fort offers a splendid view from afar and, going into its streets and alleys, the eyes are cheered by the riot of colors and noises due to speedy scooters, street vendors, fruit and spice stalls, dogs and cows.

The Thar desert

Rajasthan is a region mainly occupied by the desert, therefore it is not possible to leave it without first being fascinated by the sand dunes. The Thar Desert is really easy to reach: it is less than an hour from Jaisalmer.

There is the possibility to go on a desert excursion on camel's back and spend a night or two in the sand, in camps immersed in nothing. This is one of those experiences that will remain etched forever in the mind: savoring total silence, watching the sunset between the sand dunes and the endless expanse of stars without the interference of artificial lights is priceless.


In ancient times, Alsisar was a commercial hub, just in front of the desert, where the silk merchants stopped to conclude their business; today, however, the town has fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. But its atmosphere remains unique and inimitable; made of a peaceful life, interesting temples, small shopkeepers, women in saris and children who are amazed at the sight of tourists.

Walking through the streets of this city, havelis can still be found. These are structures reminiscent of the caravanserais, from which women, who could not take part in the economic life of the city, could observe this unfolding.


4 hours away from Alsisar, there is the capital of Rajasthan, that is, the splendid Jaipur. It is also called the "Pink city" and bears the evident signs of an imperial past.

For this, one of the main attractions to visit is the Maharaja residential complex, which includes an entire courtyard paved with white marble, luxurious pavilions decorated with mirrors and buildings rich in mosaics.

In this city, the Monkey Temples also deserve a special visit, where these animals approach the man without fear, and the Jal Mahal, the ancient palace located in the middle of the lake, which submerged its first five floors.

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