Tour of Versailles Sun King Garden

Tour of Versailles Sun King Garden

Tour of Versailles Gardens, Sun King Garden, Among the fountains, statues and artistic trim of the most famous green spaces in the world.

Tour of Versailles Gardens Sun King Garden
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The Palace of Versailles is located twenty kilometers from Paris, the home of the Royal Family of France that was designed on the orders of Louis King, the 14th King of the Sun. The elegant royal palace is immersed in the suggestive context of the ancient gardens, among the most beautiful and famous of the world. A green garden of about 80 hectares, all of which are built in "French Gardens" that you can take a first look at while visiting the palace, from the window of the Mirrors Gallery.

Indeed, the magnificent panorama of Versailles gardens that can be enjoyed from within the palace is, in fact, in the eyes of visitors, a game of backgrounds and depth studied by the architect André Le Notre, commissioned by the King of France in 1661 to create the famous gardens at the gates of Paris and deliver them to history.

Le Notre, a French historical architect active in the Baroque period and an expert in French-style garden design, has combined the latest technological discoveries in plumbing with his own artistic "beliefs". He worked with Jean-Baptiste Colbert, superintendent of the king's buildings, and Charles Le Brun, the first painter of the king and Sun King himself who wanted to oversee all projects related to the gardens of Versailles.

The immense green space is fitted with carved fountains, designer flower arrangements, sumptuous water games, creative pruning and very long channels. All are arranged according to the principles of symmetry and the engineering system. Versailles are freely accessed, every day of the year, during the day (unlike the palace, with a paid and closed entrance on Mondays); inquire about any events or events that may be subject to fees, such as the musical show in the fountains. The best time to visit Versailles is spring, clearly, when flowers magically explode in all their colors.

The castle tour of the Kings of France park will make you live an unforgettable experience. In total there are 200 thousand trees, fifty fountains, and more than 200 thousand flowers of different colors planted annually. The plants arrived at the time of the Sun King from different angles of the world: 50,000 bulbs came from Constantinople and entire forests from Flanders and Normandy to be planted later in the gardens of Versailles.

Underground there are over 50 kilometers of underground pipes and 600 water jets. Sun King loved the water jets she wanted to see while walking in Versailles Gardens, but the high cost of continuous lighting of the fountains convinced his majesty to turn on water features only when the king passes and stops them immediately.

The intervention to build this true masterpiece lasted 40 years and thousands participated in the Versailles Gardens project. Also because the work was complicated for its continuation: the ground was rich in variations in height, as many slopes were used to create different terraces located on different floors, connected by stairs and ladders.

The pearl of Versailles Gardens is the Grand Canal, the scene of the grand festivities organized by King Louis XIV who brought some boats here. Venice also sent two gondolas to Paris and four gondolas resided in some of the accommodations built next to the canal that has since taken the name Petite Venise.

But the central point in Versailles Gardens is undoubtedly the Apollo Fountain, symbol of the majesty of the sun king: the theology that pulls its chariot toward Olympus out of the mirror of water: the focal point of the garden. The Latona Fountain, Dragon Fountain, Neptune Fountain, and Golden Children's Fountain are also great. And what about the Enceladus fountain, a major seventeenth-century sculpture proposing the legend of the fall of the titans with the giant Enceladus, while fighting to save himself from burial under the rocks that were directed to him by the gods.

Beautiful gardens and real outdoor galleries furnished with fountains and statues. There were 15 at the time of Louis XIV. Don't miss the Rocaille Grove, which houses the only waterfall in the Versailles Gardens. The des Bains d'Apollon Grotto is beautiful, as the ancient greenery has been redesigned to create a false cavity where the Marcy brothers statues can be placed.

Enjoy Paris de la Reine, featuring exotic plants in an English-style garden, just like Jardin du Roi and bosquet de l'Etoile. Or the porch grove, with its wonderful diameter more than 40 meters in diameter. Versailles must be replanted with a certain frequency; among the most famous interventions, there was what was required of Napoleon III. The garden was completely replanted after the Great Storm in the late 1990s.

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